Paras Irene :: Sector - 70 A, Gurgaon :: SPECIFICATIONS

There are many plush amenities and utilities which the Paras builders are offering in their Paras Irene project at Gurgaon. One may say that he will enjoy the luxurious lifestyle which is available to them at convenient rate as well. There will be laminated wooden floors along with marble tiles; it is having laminated doors along with high quality distemper on walls. A person can also expect different options on BHK as well which will be spacious too. The tiles of proper wood and marble are also available in bedroom. Since a person has to decide about the property in a proper way and he want class s in everything, he will be availing this facility with Paras Seasons as well.

Talking about toilets, one will be getting the fittings and finishes form, branded companies like Jaguar. The ceramic tiled walls from Kajaria are also providing a distinct and imaginary feeling to the residents.