PARAS DEW's :: Sector - 106, Dwarka Expressway, :: SPECIFICATIONS

There are many further specifications that are available with Paras Dews which can attract to customers who are looking for some plush properties in Gurgaon. A person can get vitrified tiles and wooden tiles. It is having oil bound distemper in its interior walls and exterior walls are available with external grade paint. The one thing which is very specific about Paras Group is that they provide proper amenities and facilities to its residents for different properties because of which most of the people are eager in investing in their projects. The builders in the Paras Dews are offering its residents with tiles and doors of good quality in bedroom.

A person will also get ceramic tiles from branded company like Somany and Kajaria in the bathroom with proper fittings of accessories on their place. There are marble tiles from the same group is inserted on floors. Thus, one can get redefined living experience in Gurgaon under Paras Dews.